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This policy applies to all credit-bearing distance education and/or non-residential courses or programs offered by the United Medical Institute, beginning with the application for admission and continuing through the student’s graduation, transfer, or withdrawal from study.  


UMI applies the following methods of student identity verification:

  • A secure login and pass code;

  • Proctored examinations; and

  • New or other technologies and practices that are effective in verifying student identification.


Application and Admission:

All UMI applicants must attend a one-on-one video conference with an admissions advisor before applying to an UMI’s program. All applicants must then provide a government-issued picture identification during the program application process to confirm their identity.


Prospective students are responsible for providing their complete and true identity information in any identification verification process. It is against UMI’s policy for an individual to attend the initial video conference and/or submit an application on someone else’s behalf. 


New Students:

New Student Orientation is conducted via a live-Zoom conference. All newly admitted students are required to participate in the orientation session with their video on. During orientation, newly admitted students are also granted access to selected Google Program and Class Portals for their first term. 


New and Continuing Students:

Every term, students receive access to UMI’s Google Classroom portals and to UMI’s Zoom Classroom. Access is granted to the students by invitation only using the students’ email addresses on file.

According to the UMI’s Zoom Classroom Policy, all students must attend live-zoom class sessions with their video on.

All tests and final exams are proctored live by a faculty member or a designee. Students take their tests and exams during live Zoom sessions. Students are required to keep their videos on while taking the exams.


Access to Clinical Portal -TracPrac

Students must use their school-issued Student ID number to sign up to create their TracPrac accounts. Students clinical hours and activities are recorded with GPS tracking TracPrac feature. It is a violation of UMI’s Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity policy to share your TracPrac ID and login with another individual.


It is a violation of UMI’s Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity policy to misrepresent your student identity or to participate in such misrepresentation by other students.

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