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small community bound to do big things

UMI students actively participate in all aspects of the school life. In partnership with UMI Faculty and Administration, the students make UMI a vibrant and engaging community. 

UMI Student Council

Anh Ly

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Sabrina Kumar

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Recording Secretary

Ramanpreet Sandhu

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Kelley Derner

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Communication Director

Jasmine Lopez

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Event Coordinator


promoting professional excellence

UMI 's annual student scanning competition promotes commitment to professional excellence.

Winners of the competition receive a one-year student membership with Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. A canvas with the winning image is added to the Sonopgrahia gallery at UMI campus.


Peers supporting peers. Study groups and one-on-one peer mentorship helps students to stay on track and promotes camaraderie.


UMI students can earn credits for volunteering and for methodical professional networking. Along with on-demand career coaching and workshop, they take initiative to be well prepared to enter their profession.

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