SPI Exam Preparation

SPI Exam Preparation


Engage live online lectures designed for SPI Exam. Explorre foundation of Physics to elevate competency. Topics include: basics of sound wave,transducer construction and usage, propagation of sound and interaction with tissue, principle of Doppler, imaging instrument, artifacts related to sonography, and bioeffect and quality assurance.

  • Course Information

    Includes 30 hours live lecture online. and exam practice quiz. 

  • Scheduled Sessions

    Following sessions are available.


    Morning session is from  8AM-12PM, 12PM-1PM Break, 1PM-3PM.

    Evening session is from 3PM-6PM, 6PM-7PM Break, 7PM-10PM.


    Refund 90% if cancellation is received before first session. 

    Refund 80% if cancellation is received before second session.

    No Refund after second session.


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