Academic Requirements

  • Completion of didactic courses with a grade point average of at least 70% (C).

  • For Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program: A student who earns a grade less than a “C” in any Module I course may not progress to the next module until the course(s) has been satisfactorily repeated. A student who earns a grade less than a “C” in any Module II  courses may not progress to Clinical 3 until the course(s) has been satisfactorily repeated.

  • Scoring at least 70% (C) on all course-level final exams. Students who earn a passing overall grade for a course but fail a final exam (score below 70%) will be assigned a grade of “I” (Incomplete) for the course and will be required to retake and pass the final exam within 14 days from grade notification. Failure to receive a passing score on the final exam within 14 days and resolve the Incomplete grade may result in a failing grade for the entire course and will require a course repeat.

  • Successful completion of the required laboratory performance/competencies check- offs for each laboratory course and the program as a whole, if applicable.

  • Minimum satisfactory overall performance in clinical laboratory and externship modules.

  • Completion of all clinical externship hours with evaluation scores of 76% or above.

  • Completion of the Capstone Portfolio project.

  • Completing program exit review session.

Additional Requirements

  • 80% overall cumulative attendance

  • Resolution of all unexcused absences prior to the last day of the program.

  • Returning all items that belong to the program /school, or making restitution for any lost or damaged program/school property such as library/classroom books, charts, models, etc.

  • Payment of all outstanding fees, per enrollment contract.


General ultrasound sonographers are not required to be licensed in the State of California. Some employers may require credentials offered by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). UMI’s primary goal is to prepare students for the entry-level position and also to help students meet educational and/or clinical ultrasound  eligibility requirements for ARDMS examination, specifically for SPI and Prerequisite 1 or Prerequisite 3A options.


Although all graduates of the UMI’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program are eligible to sit for the ARDMS exam, 12 months (or equivalent) of additional work experience may be required based on the student’s prior educational credentials. UMI encourages the graduates to pursue ARDMS credentials; however the school does not bear responsibility for the ARDMS exam preparation. Students should take the initiative of researching exam requirements and information on the ARDMS website at


The school cannot and does not guarantee employment upon graduation. The school provides career development resources and employment assistance to all graduates with the concentration on developing a physical and online career portfolio, professional networking via Linkedin, interview skills, resume preparation, and referrals to potential employers. All UMI students and graduates have access to a professional career coaching and career zoom workshops.

Finding employment is a joint effort between the student and the school. Successful job search outcomes for the student often depend on a close partnership between the student and the school. UMI is committed to such a partnership; we encourage all graduates to maintain close contact with the school’s designated career coach and to work closely together on developing and implementing an appropriate job search strategy.

All UMI students, graduates, and alumni are invited and encouraged to subscribe to UMI Career Development Resources Google Classroom Portal and to join the UMI Career Hub LinkedIn group.