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  • Reliable Internet

  • Laptop/Desktop or Tablet with camera, video and audio capabilities

  • Headphones to reduce any background noise

  • Appropriate virtual or physical video background 


  • To be considered “present” and to receive credit for class participation, students must participate in UMI Remote Classrooms with their camera on and their faces fully visible and identifiable.

  • Professional appearance is required during virtual class participation.

  • Students will not be permitted to participate in live remote classes while driving, working, or in any other environment where they or other students may be distracted. 


  • All tests and final exams for lecture-based coursework are administered in an online/digital format.

  • All exams are proctored live. Students must be logged into their live remote classroom during the exam with their camera on.

  • Students must have easy access to their email to receive a link to the test during a remote class session or to log into their test file.

  • Students complete and submit exams electronically while they are logged into the remote classroom. 


To supplement and to support the live Zoom classroom environment, UMI integrates asynchronous online Google Classroom portals for class and program-related communication, submission of assignments, grading, attendance, and tracking students’ progress.


All newly enrolled students participate in UMI New Students Zoom Orientation when they are introduced to UMI Google Classroom Portal.


All active students are required to subscribe to the following UMI Google Classroom Portals:

  • MODI and MODII Google Classroom Portals

    • students are assigned to a specific Google Classroom portal based on their class schedule;

    • students have access to each course’s description, material, assignments, and course schedule;

    • students submit all assignments through the portal;

    • students may review their grades 24/7;

    • students receive faculty feedback and communicate via portal on matters concerning class participation and attendance.

  • Minimum for the duration of the program

    • DMS Program Portal: provides 24/7 access to students’ program academic and program attendance reports;

    • DMS Career Development Portal: provides ongoing access to career development resources;

    • DMS Clinical Portal: students have access to Clinical Externship requirements and complete and submit required documentation, time records, and clinical assessments.



Sonosim simulation is a required part of the program. Student access to the Sonosim library of courses and cases, as well as simulation probe kits, are provided by UMI and are part of the program tuition and fee.


System Requirements:

To effectively use the Sonosim technology, students must have personal computers and connectivities that meet Sonosim technical specifications.

Students are responsible for reviewing technical specifications of their computer and/or laptop to ensure that they meet the system requirements for Sonosim. 


UMI does not provide personal computers, internet accounts outside the school facility, or other related personal equipment such as USB, headphones, cables, adapters, and similar devices.  Nor does UMI provide tech support for personal computer and internet technology.


Insert I: Sonosim System Requirements provides additional information.


To view the most up to date Sonosim system requirements, visit the Sonosim site at

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