Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

All students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Satisfactory progress is monitored on a course by course basis and computed on a cumulative basis at specific evaluation points.

Satisfactory academic progress is determined using a qualitative component based on cumulative GPA, and a quantitative component, which consists of a pace of progression as well as a maximum timeframe (MTF) for program completion not to exceed 150% of the total program length measured in Quarter Credit Hours & Clock Hours. Satisfactory academic progress requirements apply to all students regardless of their funding source. 



Incomplete Grade (I)

A grade of “I” is assigned when hours or coursework are not completed by the scheduled completion date. The student must request an “I” grade from faculty or UMI administration. Any incomplete course that occurs during the authorized absence period may be assigned a grade of Incomplete (“I”). An “I” grade must be resolved within no longer than 30 days from the grade notification. All Incomplete grades must be resolved prior to advancing to Clinical Externship 3. Should a student not be able to complete assignments on time, an “F” grade will replace the “I” grade. The student will be required to repeat the failed course. The student may also be required to withdraw from the program and to re-enter at the beginning of the next start date for the course retake.


Attendance Failure (AF)

A student who violates the course or program attendance policy may be assigned an AF grade and be required to repeat the course even if the student receives an overall passing course grade. If extenuating circumstances exist to excuse all or some of the course absences, evidence of such extenuating circumstances must be provided within 14 days from the AF grade notification.

Course Repeat (RPT)

A student may repeat a course(s) that he/she has failed. The highest grade earned will be posted in transcript and in the calculation of the cumulative grade point average. Additional tuition charges may apply to repeated courses due to a failed / attendance failed grade or failed final exam for the course.

Withdrawal Grade (W)

Students who withdraw from the program will receive a grade of “W.” All withdrawal grades are considered to be unsuccessfully completed attempts and will negatively impact satisfactory academic progress.

Withdrawal‐No Attendance Grade (WNA)

Students who withdraw from the course with no attendance posted in that course will receive a grade of “WNA” All withdrawal grades are considered to be not successfully completed, however WNA grade will not be counted as an attempt for SAP calculations.

Transfer Credit (TR)

Transfer credit, including course challenges, accepted towards program completion is noted as “TR” in the transcript. Transfer credit is not included in the cumulative GPA.

Credit/No‐Credit Grade (CR/NC)

The CR/NC grade is awarded for the Clinical Externship course of the program. A “CR” grade indicates a successful completion of the course (minimum 76%); an “NC” grade indicates a failure to complete the course. CR/NC grades count towards the program Maximum Time Frame (MTF) for SAP.


Levels of programmatic academic assessment and evaluation:

  • Overall Course-level assessment

  • Course-level final examination

Overall Course‐Level Assessment & Evaluation

Didactic and laboratory courses are graded using the following recommended assessment distribution:

  • Final Exam: 25%-30%

  • Course quizzes and tests: 20-35%

  • Special assignments/Homework/Projects: 15- 30%

  • Class Participation: 5-10%

Faculty have the discretion to include additional assessment methods and to assign weights within the recommended range.

Students must complete all didactic theory and laboratory courses with at least a “C” (70%). The student may not be able to progress to the next module/course sequence until the failed course in the previous module has been repeated and successfully completed with the minimum grade of “C” (70%).

All lessons, assignments or projects will be graded/returned to the student no later than 10 days after receiving the assignment.

Course‐Level Examinations

In addition to the overall minimum grade of “C” (70%) for the course, students must also pass each course final exam with a minimum grade of “C” (70%). Students who receive a passing overall grade for the course but a grade lower than 70% for the final course-level exam will receive an Incomplete (I) grade for the course and must retake and successfully pass the course final exam within 14 days from the final exam grade notification. Failure to retake and/or pass the final course exam within 14 days may result in an “F” grade for the course and will require a course repeat. An additional administrative fee may apply for a final course exam retake. Additional tuition charges may apply to repeated courses due to a failed grade, failed attendance or a failed final exam for the course.

Clinical Externship Evaluation

Students must pass Clinical Externship evaluations with at least 76%. A failure to achieve 76% or better in Clinical Externship evaluations may result in Academic Probation or dismissal from the program, depending on whether extenuating circumstances may have contributed to underperformance.

Make‐up Tests and Examinations

Course-level tests and exams: All course-level tests and exams are to be taken as scheduled. If, due to extenuating circumstances, a student must miss a test, the student is required to personally notify the instructor, program administrator or designee by following appropriate UMI communication policy for course absences/tardiness.

Make-up tests should be taken as soon as practical after returning from the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the course instructor to schedule a make-up test. 

Grade Appeal Policy

  1. The student is responsible for initiating contact with the instructor to discuss and resolve the grade dispute. 

  2. Should a resolution not be reached between the student and instructor, the student has the right to appeal to the Program Chair within 5 business days of last contact with the instructor and no more than 10 days since receiving the grade. The must be submitted using UMI Grade Appeal Form (

  3. The student is responsible for providing electronic copies of supporting documents she/he believes support the reason for the appeal.

  4. The Program Chair will review all relevant materials pertaining to the appeal and may contact the student and/or the faculty with questions or clarifications. The Program Chair will arrive at a final decision within 10 business days from the date of submission of the appeal form. The decision of the Program Chair regarding the resolution of grade appeal is final.

UMI Complaint, Grievance, and Appeal Policy​