Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound Technology is a diagnostic procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to create detailed images of the human body. Ultrasound Technology use state of-the-art technology to scan patients and obtain images of the abdomen, heart blood vessels, and fetus to aid in the diagnosis of a disease. Ultrasound Technology is a profession that requires a high degree of independence, judgment, knowledge, maturity, and stamina. The Ultrasound Technology is a skilled person qualified academically and clinically to perform ultrasound exams while working in close teamwork with a qualified physician. To create an ultrasound image, the Ultrasound Technician must have an indepth knowledge of physics, disease processes, human anatomy, and ultrasound techniques. Physicians depend on the ultrasound technician knowledge to evaluate normal and abnormal body parts. To work successfully, the ultrasound technician must be a sensitive, caring individual dedicated to helping others. The role of ultrasound in medicine is continually growing. New applications and imaging equipment are in a constant state of development. Its continued growth and development is dependent on highly qualified and well-trained ultrasound technologists. Starting salaries vary greatly from one location to the next. Experience, position title, formal education, specializations, and time on the job tend to increase the Ultrasound Technicians income.

Program Description

Our Ultrasound Technology program prepares our students for entry-level employment after their graduation as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer with specialization in general sonography (Abdominal and Small Parts, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Vascular Sonography). Graduates will be qualified to work in hospitals, imaging centers, physicians’ offices, or clinics.

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