"I would like to start by saying that without UMI I would have not achieved the level of success that I acquired up to this point. In only a short time soon after graduation was I able to obtain full time employment as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in this exciting field. I currently am under the ARDMS registry. UMI was a great move for me. My heart goes out to the entire faculty that pushed me along the way. Without UMI and its faculty, and of course my strong will to succeed, I would not be in this amazing field of endless possibilities. The work is hard, but the payoff is worth it."
Abdel M. , Sonographer, RDMS (OB/GYN)
United Medical Institute is a wonderful school that provides a great education. The teachers are helpful and go out of their way for students. I had a great experience!
Marty, Sonographer
I would like to express my gratitude to everyone at UMI. I am your success story. Thank you!
Mubasher, RVT (VT)
Before I came to UMI I attended another similar program in Sacramento. Upon graduation applied for ARDMS and guess what? I was not eligible for the exam, so I had to repeat my education (what a nightmare). Came to United Medical and had a great experience!!! They not only gave me a great education but upon completion placed me in the great facility. I would definitely recommend UMI to anyone who is interested in the Ultrasound career and, please stay away from other places that are not ARDMS recognized.
Lina, RVT (VT)
I am a recent graduate from this school and have very positive results with this program… Combining the skills that I learned at the school, along with hard work and positive attitude I achieved a career as a sonographer.
Sherista, RDCS (AE)
Learning to become a sonographer at UMI has been an amazing experience, I would definitely recommend this school if you wants to work in the medical field.
Julie, Sonographer
United Medical Institute was a great move for me! Ultrasound classes were great and I've learned a great deal. Now I work in the Rideout Hospital and had no problems in obtaining license since school is accredited and meets all necessary requirements. Evening classes worked great with my work schedule as well.
Gurminder, RDMS (AB)
"I became a student at United Medical Institute because few of my friends recommended the school to me. They said that it was the best school they have ever attended. Well, I was skeptical at first, but now I can tell you myself that it is an absolute truth. Staff is very friendly, teachers are great, and education is of high quality. As I completed Sonography course I was able to get my ARDMS license with out the problem and now I am certified to work. Thank you to all the UMI staff and faculty for believing in me!"
Navneet, RDMS (AB), (OB/GYN)
I can't believe I am done with my externship and program. I would like to personally thank my teacher for helping me. I am so grateful to you and all you did for me and all of our class. You really have a gift for teaching. You made the subjects fun informative and it was fun to come to class.
Beverly, RDMS (AB)
United Medical Institute is a foundation for my success. Teachers were great and school helped me to find my first job.
Parveen, RDMS (AB), (OB/GYN)
UMI offers a comprehensive program to give prospective sonographers an introduction to the field. … The largest portion of schooling in UMI is devoted to the lab and introduction to scanning on patients with exams and reviews of the material. The three portions are vascular, obstetrics and gynecology, and abdomen. Each section of the scanning introduces the student to scanning protocol and the importance of knowing what images you should be looking for on a prospective patient. The three sections are divided in a way to give the student a good idea of the different areas they can concentrate on for the specialty exam. The UMI program then placed me in a hospital in Clear Lake and I have really started to understand the principles taught in the school to the real world application of patients and the hospital setting.
Ethan, RDMS (AB)
I am a graduate of United Medical Institute (UMI) and have appreciated the support of the administration, teachers & students. While attending UMI I needed to take a temporary leave of absence. The administration listened to my request, outlined the necessary steps clearly and even detailed my exact return date so that would be no confusion. The administration was very supportive in my decision to take a temporary leave of absence which made it easier on me. I also must acknowledge that all my teachers were knowledgeable in their perspective fields of expertise, and showed interest in teaching. They were all patient with the students and would not mind repeating information several times, different ways if that is what it took for us students to understand. Speaking of students, I have to give praise to them … they immediately made me feel welcomed. They would offer me scanning tips to help me progress along with the teacher’s feedback. All the students with whom I have been in class with are good people, and I enjoyed learning with them. "
Crystal, Sonographer
Attending United Medical Institute and completing Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program has been such a great BLESSING in my life! I now have an AWESOME career doing ultrasound scans for people and make money doing what I love. I was terrified upon entering the school atmosphere again; perhaps I'm too old to be trying this I though to myself. WOW, what a surprise I was in for! The professors, administration and staff all welcomed and encouraged me. I was welcomed into UMI from day one of class and eventually became part of the UMI family. Classes were interesting, with lots of hands on learning and not just book reading or instruction. You are actually taught the skill of how to read ultrasounds and how to perform scanning. I was HOOKED after my first scan! It was actually fun! I would encourage anybody with an interest in an ultrasound career to check out the United Medical Institute program. They are complete package. Your program not only includes great classroom instruction but 940 scanning hours of clinical internship, which are priceless for this type of career. THANK YOU UMI for getting me where I am today. I am Susan Brown, RDMS, an Ultrasound Technician who's proud to be a United Medical Institute Alumni!"
Susan, RDMS (AB)
It seems like I always wanted to become an Ultrasound Technician, and with the help of United Medical Institute, my dreams came true. UMI is a good school with interesting lectures, laboratory simulation classes and clinical externship. The externship was a great part of the hands on experience for ultrasound. I really learned a lot from the externship, my tech was great. The teachers are friendly, helpful, and resourceful. The most confusing subjects were made easier because of the great teaching techniques and the class projects helped me to remember anatomy and pathology. I recommend people to go to this school. UMI gave me the opportunity to excel and reach my goal of becoming a sonographer. Now, I am working as an Ultrasound Tec. in a hospital. I feel that I'm helping others and realizing my full potential doing the job I love!
Baljit, RDMS (AB)